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Wax Melt Care Card

To get the best burn from your melt, please read the following:

Burners: Only use correct tealight or electrical burners approved for wax melts.

Cleaning: If changing the melt, wait until the wax has cooled & hardened. It will then just slide out. Wipe the burner with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly before adding a new melt. 

Storing: When not in use, keep the package sealed to ensure a long lasting fragrance throw.  Soy wax is soft & does not like heat, so keep your melts out of direct sunlight.

Be Careful: Remove all packaging before burning, Never leave the burner unattended & burn away from flammable objects, drafts, wind, fans, air vents & around children & pets. Keep burners on safe heat-proof surfaces. Do not add water or any other substances. Do not melt on the stove top. Only burn for 2-4 hrs