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About Us

Hi, I'm Justine, great to meet you. 

AmbiEscents came about when I was sitting at home one day bored out of my mind.  I had recently given up full time work to stay home and help Logan run his building business as well as be available for our 3 beautiful, boisterous boys Mr 12 (Anthony/AJ), Mr 9 (Brody) and Mr 4 (Hunter). The cleaning had been done, the washing had been washed, dried and packed away & the business paperwork had been completed. I was looking at a candle I had burning at the time and I just remember getting this feeling of excitement "I am going to make & sell candles". 

I have always loved being mesmerized while watching a candle burn, the excitement of seeing a bath bomb fizz around in the bath producing gorgeous colours and settling in to a nice hot bath filled with bath salts and being taken to another place, the smoothness of skin after using a bath scrub and the smell that lingers after lathering up with a body butter.

Logan got home later that afternoon and I told we needed to talk. I had planned out all day what I was going to say, how I would convince him. I thought if I gave him as much detail as possible, he may go along with it. I started telling him and he stopped me short & said said 3 words "GO FOR IT" The sense of purpose washed over me "Yes, i will go for it" and so the research began. 

What do I want my brand to represent? What feelings do I want it to evoke? Ambiance, self-care, relaxation, memories. We sat down to think about a name, thinking it was going to take days but it seemed to come about like it was just meant to be.
AmbiEscents, we almost said it at the same time. Ambi (Ambiance) Escents (the essence of self care, self-love and the use of fragrances/scents)

1 year later, many long hours of research, testing, investigating, here we are. I am so fortunate that I can now share my love of these with you.

All the products are handcrafted by me, for you, to help you reach that level of bliss we all need & crave. I cant wait to share this journey with you.